Why to backup your files with upstore.net premium account

Computer users, by now, everyone must have gone through the advice of the requirement to back up files regularly. But, this is just a part of the process and you have to know why there is a need to back up your files. Moreover, if you have to backup your files, it is a must to do it with a premium account such as upstore.net.

Backup and upstore.net

Backup is mandatory and upstore.net provides hassle-free backup of online data featuring unlimited storage with each PC. The services are its key features and they include:

• Remote access from any web-enabled computer to backed-up data

• Continuous, automatic and unlimited data backup online from your PC or MAC

• Allows sharing documents and collaborating with team members

• Technical live support 24 x7

Backup secures Mac and PC files, besides goes further than continuous backup. It offers online services that allow you to view and search documents on any web-connected device. The documents are displayed for easy viewing and older versions of files are stored up to one month.

Why to backup files with upstore.net premium account?

There is a need to upgrade to an upstore.net premium account if you really wish to take advantage of the collaboration features as a team and also to enhance your productivity, besides the regular features of unlimited backup, document sharing features and mobile access.

The upstore.net premium subscription includes the features of backup files and also has the ability to:

• Share files within team members

• Create guest accounts so that access is authorized in work spaces

• Creates online project workspaces for teams for collaboration

• Each team member has individual subscription or can buy at additional charge a guest privilege

• Print stored documents from anywhere

• Email files can be directed to anyone from online storage

• Older files maintained up to 6 months with version control

Technical support
Backup your file with upstore.net premium account is advised if you wish to have the best technical support. The customer care is available 365days 24 hours. You can contact anytime for Tech support if you have problems or questions about backup, installation, configuration and setup or data restoration. Remote technicians will readily assist to handle your problem.

Upstore.net Security features

• Server Security: Servers are scanned and monitored continuously for unauthorized access using regular industry systems and the control mechanisms prevent illegal access.

• Advanced Encryption: 256-bit SSL encryption is used in data protection while transferring online storage and between your computers. It is over 128 bit encryption employed for online banking transactions. Your data is absolutely safe with the data centers as the same data is re-encrypted with 256-bit encryption and features unique rotating keys protection during storage.

• Firewalls: Backup and the connections are used for secure communications ports by Internet browsers and it is designed to work well on installing firewalls on your computer.

• Physical Security: The servers are in guarded and secured datacenters and are compliant for availability and complete security. Plans to cover all the security aspects are in place and are reviewed, updated and tested regularly. Within each datacenter, the data gets mirrored and is stored in the storage units that help in protecting against media failure. Thereby it gets replicated in a secondary datacenter over fiber links ensuring complete protection from natural disasters and events.

• Password Protection: Access to Backup and servers are protected by password. Connections take place using the software installed for the backup on your PC or Mac. After authentication process the encrypted session keys are used so that communication is password protected between the backup and the mobile phones, thus it gets fully encrypted in these directions.

• User Control: There is full control on your files. Even if you choose sharing, you control people having access to files. In this way, the recipients see the files that you have shared and nothing else.

• SSL: Secure Sockets Layer is the standard accepted for encrypting data transmissions on the web. Thus, all the communications between the computer and the service occurs with SSL by default.

• Virus Scanning: All emails pass through the servers and the backup includes the attachments and the viruses are also scanned in real time. On detecting a virus, the operation immediately ceases and the streams of incoming data are purged.

• Spyware Protection: The software responds only to our service and need of backup that it provides protection and restricts sending anything to some malicious recipient.

• VeriSign Secured Certification: There is Verisign secured ascertaining connections go only to upstore.net services and are not redirected. The details of this certificate are displayed and can be viewed on clicking on the logo of the VeriSign.

Continuous backup, what is it?
On deciding the files and folders you want backed up, upstore.net will monitor these files continuously for changes and automatically back them up when they are changed. Backup data can be done from multiple computers also to one account and the subscription chargers are on per computer basis.

Importance of Backup Files with upstore.net premium account
The importance of backup files with upstore.net, a premium account is that even when things go wrong in your computer, your remote location with us is safe. There are many ways that a file can get lost such as virus infection that can disable computers and corrupt files, computer crashes may result in data loss, theft, physical damage when laptops are sensitive and so having drinks spilled on them or it is dropped, there is high risk. Above all hard drive failure can suddenly fail without giving any warning. This also can cause irreplaceable files that it may bring your work to an abrupt ending.

Many users take backup of their files regularly so that the information is protected. The bottom line is to protect your information, important files and photos. It means you value the need to backup files with upstore.net premium account and to stay worry-free.

upstore.net backup

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