What is virtual credit card?

If you’re fearful of having your personal information stolen on the internet, a virtual credit card is definitely the solution. A virtual credit card is a temporary card that has a pre-set amount of money available on it. The intention of the providers is to offer a card that customers can use for a limited amount of purchases, in order to never have to worry about having important information stolen by modern thieves.

In order to understand the safety of virtual credit cards, you must know how easy it is to have your information read by hackers. A person could sneak software onto your computer, in order to record everything you type. Other hackers will set up false web pages, in an attempt to trick you into submitting your details. Even smarter hackers can occasionally intercept data between you and a legitimate business’s website.

Virtual Credit Cards take away that risk. Instead of your permanent card’s details being used by a thief, your temporary virtual credit card goes in to the hands of the hacker. While it is not the best, it’s similar to losing a couple pennies compared to thousands of dollars. Furthermore, virtual credit cards can be setup in various different ways. For example, I could have a virtual credit card that expires seven days after its creation. I could have another card that is only available for spending a set amount each month (this is a great option for using a virtual credit card for recurring payments). As you can see, there are a lot of different options that several organizations provide.

Since a virtual credit card is truly ‘digital’, it’s quite easy for them to be created for you. Some companies can provide you with a new virtual credit card number whenever you need one. Certain companies allow you to do this as much as you’d like, through their website, and other companies have software for creating virtual numbers quickly. The best way for you to get started is to contact your bank of choice, and ask them about their virtual credit card options.

Besides safety from hackers and thieves, virtual credit cards can be used for other reasons. For example, you can give your children a temporary virtual credit card to buy something online, instead of giving them your permanent card’s details. Unfortunately, many children are impulsive, and many parents have used virtual credit cards for preventing that impulsivity. With virtual credit card you can also verify your PayPal or Skrill account, buy on Ebay, Aliexpress and many other web shops. Also you can buy Upstore premium account or File.al premium account and without any fear enjoy in your shopping.

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