What is cloud hosting

Great, so you’re interested in Upstore cloud hosting! This can be a great choice for an independent webmaster, or an entire company. To start off, cloud hosting can be accurately explained by including a quick sports reference.

When a sports player gets injured in the game, another players takes their spot. Upstore.net is similar. The ‘cloud’ is made up of many servers, all responsible for taking care of specific tasks. If a Upstore.net server responsible for one of your site’s functions fails, another server takes over. See the similarities to sports?

One thing to note is that we will consistently refer to ‘websites’ in this article, but Upstore cloud hosting can be used for applications, file storage, and a lot more. We simply do not want to list every possible option whenever we mention cloud hosting!

Now, what if one of the players isn’t injured, but tired? The player might be temporarily replaced. With servers, we call this ‘overload’. Basically, if a server is being used too much by various websites, another server will begin to cover certain tasks for the websites. Although this situation is rare with quality hosts, Upstore.net still removes the impact that server overload would have on your website.

So is Upstore the best option for you?
Well, it really depends on what type of website or business you are managing. For small blogs, cloud Hosting is not really needed. If you’re starting the next big social network, cloud Hosting is literally the best option for you. The core of cloud Hosting is based in reliability. The cloud provides versatile support with the numerous servers that are connected and the entire network’s flexibility. If your website can afford to be offline for any time, from five minutes to a whole day, then you don’t want to invest in cloud hosting. If you can’t afford that, go with the cloud. Also, if you just need backup your files that will be available any time you need, pick upstore.net cloud filehost.

Cloud hosting is very similar to gas and electricity, in the sense that it is a service – Not a product in itself. You pay for what you use, and this is the case with all cloud hosting service providers. This is great because websites can be online for just pennies each month, but larger websites will pay more. Again, reflect on whether you truly need the reliability or not.

However, besides the reliability of simply ‘being online’, there’s also the whole aspect of server location. Cloud hosting exists all around the world, which means people in Malaysia can view your site quickly without you needing to host your site in Malaysia!

If you are interested in benefiting from cloud costing, check out the options by upstore.net, buy upstore premium account and enjoy with your files!

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