Differences between free and upstore premium account

Opting to use an upstore.net account for your personal or professional needs is one of the best decisions that you can make. There are many advantages that you have when you use this platform for different purposes. Since there are two options for people to choose from in terms of an account it is obvious it can have people confused.

We have differentiated between the free and paid accounts along with the features. This can make the job of taking a decision on which one you should be opting for. We have also listed below the advantages that you have with each type of account and the cons of the same as well. This would certainly work towards your advantage by all means and help you make the right choice.

Free accounts on upstore.net

Opting for a free account is something that everyone would be tempted to go with on upstore.net. This is because they would not be paying anything at all yet are able to use the website to upload files. Only when they begin to download files, they would feel that they would have to wait in a queue. They would also get to realize that their downloads would be slower and that they are not able to do parallel downloads at the same time.

The advertisements that come along would also be something that they would have to tolerate when using the free account on upstore.net. Using the captcha verification, having one thread to download, and the expiry of links to download is something they would have to put up with free accounts. Moreover, they would also only be able to upload or download a total file size of 2 GB each time.

Upstore premium account

The same does not apply to a paid or premium account for users on upstore.net. A maximum file download of up to 5 GB is possible with a paid account for users. Moreover, they can go for a one click download each time and do not have to wait for their turn. Parallel downloads are also possible with the paid account on this website for users.

The paid users would also not be required to go through the captcha verification or slower downloads. They can get unlimited bandwidth speed on downloads and uploads on upstore.net as a paid user. Time out does not happen with premium users of this platform and the files are kept on the server forever for them to access it anytime they want.

They can pay either for a 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months usage according to their needs on upstore.net. Advertisements are also not part of the plan for paid users and their working pattern would be seamless.

So, based on these features one can choose either a paid or free account on upstore.net. In case you do not want to pay for the services or cannot afford it you can always choose the free option on this platform. This is irrelevant of you being an individual or a business owner or one who represents an entity.

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