Comparison between Upstore and local backup

Many years back people use to store their important documents in old files to keep as a backup. There were chances of that backup getting distorted but there were no other options. With the introduction of computer, the backup system got a new way. It was easier to store up documents and files in your computer for future use. But was this system also safe? Probably no, because there was still the risk of losing the back up from the computer due to different reasons such as accidental deletion of the file or crashing down of the computer or the software.
But getting a safer option for backup was really very important. So, people started backing up some important files in different local backup options such as disks, pen drive and even magnetic tapes.

Apart from this another way to backup was through the online cloud backup. Among many various online backup options today, one of the most trusted one can be

Ease of operating
The first and foremost thing or difference between the two is that you can easily operate the account on your computer. To operate the pen drive or any other local backup options, you need to install the tool in your computer and then have to backup the files. But in case of the Upstore option, you just have to login to the account that you have and you can easily backup all your files that you wish to.
There are no such hassles to face of once installing the tool and then uninstalling it from the computer. Just you have to login to your profile, backup the files and then log out. Nothing can be as easy and convenient as this.

Faster mode of backup
Of course when you are using the account for Upstore, it is much faster in backing up your files. When you are backing up files in local backup options, it may take some time and you need to wait for the files to get backed up. But when you login to the Upstore account and start backing up your files, it hardly takes a few seconds.
The files and documents get instantly backed up in your account and hence you do not have to wait in front of the computer counting the time that is being taken to back up the files.

No risk of loss
If once your pen drive or the magnetic tape is misplaced or lost, you may lose your entire date. If you somehow gain back the local backup tool, then you are lucky enough, but if you do not, then you will lose the data in them also.
When you are using an option like the Upstore account, you are saved from such risks. There is no such risk of losing the backup tool and hence you can always trust on it.

Of course there can be times when you may forget the password of the account. But this can be easily resolved when you retrieve your password through your email id. With your new password, you can easily access the account once again to check all your backup data and also to backup more data.

Unlimited space
Another way how is different from local backup options is the space that is provided. Local backup options have a limited space of about 5GB, 10GB, 20GB or more but in a limited amount. You need to understand your needs and accordingly have to buy a local backup tool with a particular amount of space in it.
But if you are not sure about how much space you will need to backup your whole computer, then it can be a trouble at your part. This is the time when Upstore can help. It does not have any limits on space and you can enjoy unlimited space each time when you are about the backup the data.

Security from firewalls
One of the major risks and problems today are the firewalls and virus. You may use your pen drive in different computers such as that of your friend’s or a local cyber café. You will never know about from where your pen drive has got infected of a virus. Now when you insert your pen drive again in your computer, your computer will get infected of the virus.
The case is not similar in case of the The backup account is guarded against virus as well as firewalls. So, whenever you are using it either on your computer or your friend’s computer or on any computer in a local cyber café, you are not risked with the virus.

Technical support
If your local backup device creates certain problem, you may not get any kind of help from anywhere. The maximum you can do is to take it to the shop from where you bought it and the expert may charge you some good amount to mend the device.
If you are troubles in case of, you do not have to go anywhere. You just have to place a call at the technical support of Upstore and the customer care executive can help you with whatever problem you are having. If it is a technical fault, they will take complain over the phone itself and will resolve it at the earliest.

Other features that make different from local back
There are many more such ways that Upstore is much different than the local support.
• Sharing of the files with others is possible from your own computer.
• Online projects can be created with a whole team.
• Backed up documents can be printed from anywhere and anytime.
• Also the files can be emailed to anyone directly from the online backup store.
• The backup files that are old enough with stay till 6 months or so, till when the profile is not upgraded.

Thus, today an option like (or our partner Depfile) is a great way to get back up from your computer not only easily but also as per the safety aspects. backup

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