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Upstore is a type of cloud store where information can be uploaded and stored. The stored information can be later shared with whomever one wants it to be shared. Besides, the information can be accessed remotely from any Web-enabled devices like computers. Users need not be worried about the security of their files in because it has taken measures to ensure such security which include:

The protection from Viruses
Information that comes into the servers is thoroughly scanned for the presence of any viruses. On detection of any virus, the files that contain the virus are eliminated. For example, if an email containing a virus in its attachment is sent to the server, it is gotten rid of, leaving other files secure.

Password protection
To access the cloud store, a password is needed. No one can, therefore, access files of another individual in unless they have a password.

Full control by the user
The user gets complete control of the files they have stored in Upstore. They can, therefore, choose and control the people they share their files. With Upstore premium account your files will be online as long as you use our premium service and that can be forever.

Fully secured servers
The servers have been fully secured from illegal and unauthorized access using the best available mechanisms. Therefore users can upload their files free of any fear of anybody hacking the system and obtaining their confidential information.

Advanced encryption
There is sometimes a need to share sensitive information online in cloud store. Such information includes credit card numbers and login credentials that need to be shared through a secure manner. The system uses a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption to secure data when sharing it. Therefore, users can store and transfer their data without fear of anybody intercepting the same, for example, online banking transactions.

Physical security of servers
The servers are physically well protected in data centers using the best means and mechanisms that are regularly reviewed and updated. As a further matter, data is reflected in the data centers and stored in storage entities enhancing protection against failure in the media. The data is duplicated in a different secondary data center making it fully secured from natural disasters and other destructive events.

Verisign Secured Certification
The effect of being Verisign secured is that connections only go to it, and they never get redirected. The particulars of this certification can be accessed by clicking on Verisign’s logo.

Spyware protection
The cloud backup software protects against sending and sharing information to any recipient that is malicious. The servers only respond to clean devices. Information stored or being shared in can therefore never be obtained by transmission of data covertly through a hard drive.

The use of Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)
SSL is used to secure information that is transmitted online. uses this method of encrypting data by default and users can be sure that their files and folders are safe.

In case a user installs a firewall in their computer, is made in such a way to allow it to perform its function. secure backup

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