Advantages of cloud host sharing, compared to torrents

Cloud host sharing is better than the torrents based on the following facts:

Torrents are usually limited to an individual tracker which makes it very disadvantageous if you want to get something faster. In this case file host sharing is the most useful. With file host sharing, once you have downloaded a file, you can upload it to as many different servers as you want. When an individual tracker goes offline, the torrents which rely on it become of no help as they cannot work. Based on this, the file host sharing is the most useful than the torrents.

Many people prefer having availability of constant speed. File host sharing has speeds which cannot be compared with torrents. When you get torrents which have good speed, you find that they cannot match the speed in file host sharing. With Upstore premium account you will get almost unlimited download speed and much more advantages. If you still don’t know anything about Upstore premium service, please read Upstore frequently asked questions

With file host sharing, there is no limitation on the connection. With torrents, there is connection limit, where there is usually a certain number of connections per torrent. With file host sharing, only a single connection is often made to a premium server. In this case, you can have as many connections as your connection can withstand or handle, where each download requires one open connection. Therefore, file host sharing is the most useful than torrents.

With torrents, a certain amount must be uploaded concerning how much you download. This can affect your overall speed of downloading. This can cause you to incur a lot of expense in countries where the internet connection is expensive. In some countries such as Australia, the uploads are very costly. With file host sharing, this is not an issue. To avoid such expenses, it is important that you use file host sharing.

Filehost sharing uses port 80 and HTTP which makes it difficult to be banned. The names which are used on the files, do not indicate the content contained therein, and therefore, no suspicion. On the other hand, torrents use an arbitrary listening port. In this case, there are many incoming connections from various sources. This is not encouraged in some places, and can cause you to be prevented from using BitTorrent. Therefore, file host sharing is by far better than torrents.

With torrents, you are usually required to upload what you download. This is a problem especially in western countries where there are penalties for distributing copyright content. Also, people can sniff what you are downloading. On the other hand, file host sharing usually has files archived. In this case, the data which is being downloaded cannot be easily identified. Therefore, there is consequently minimal legal risk since you are only downloading, and there is nothing made available. Therefore, to get high levels of privacy of your work, it is important that you use file host sharing instead of the torrents. With file host sharing, you will be secure from the risks of paying penalties and your work being sniffed.


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