Advantages and disadvantages of using Upstore

Physical storage and using emails for sending and receiving files is no longer used by many people around the world. This is because of the complications that are involved with sending large files through email. Storage options on physical drives and removable storage devices is also a thing of the past for people. This is to avoid physical damage, theft, and misuse of data over hard drives and other storage equipment. Carrying of physical drives have also become lesser these days with the use of cloud storage options for people.

Cloud storage has been something people have begun to use these days for data storage. Websites like offer people comprehensive plans to store data on their platform. Although there are many advantages using such platforms there are also a few disadvantages that come along with it. We look at a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using these platforms. This would give you a good idea on why you should use cloud storage options or keep away from them.

Advantages of

Here are a few advantages that come along with using platforms like

  • Enhanced Security: When you use websites such as you tend to get better security features for your files and folders. This may not be possible for you to achieve as an individual or a business without spending some money on it. Malware and ransomware protection would ensure that your files are secured properly with no access to it without authentication.
  • Easy Access: When you use websites like you are able to access the stored files from any location around the world. This is without having to carry physical devices of any kind that has the data stored in it.
  • Cost Cutting: As a business or an individual you can bring down the cost of storage to a great extent. Having hardware to store information would cost businesses a fortune. However, at a fraction of this cost, businesses can have backups run at regular intervals to backup their data.
  • Compliance Factor: When it comes to compliance you would be backed up since most of the data can be stored on the same country you are at. This would mean that you would be abiding by the laws of the country by all means.

Disadvantages of

Here are some disadvantages of using

  • High Internet Usage: When you use cloud storage options like your internet consumption would be a lot higher. This also applies for storing data, downloading, uploading, and accessing the files stored on could storage.
  • Slower Processing: The files that are stored on cloud can take longer to download or upload if your internet connection is not good. This also applies for backups that you would have to run at your office.

To be able to overcome the disadvantages you can choose to have backups run during non-office hours. When comparing the advantages with disadvantages you can be assured that it is a safe bet for you to use cloud hosting providers like

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